Learn HOW to practice SELF LOVE

with this simple 7 minute meditation

Learn HOW to practice


with this simple

7 minute meditation


Dear Beauty, welcome.

How do you self love?

Do you move through life embracing your vulnerability or do you fear your feelings?

Do you trust your intuition and have the courage to act on it?

Do you have a compassionate relationship with yourself or does the word ‘compassion’ feel foreign to you?


You matter to me. Your journey to the whole-hearted, extraordinary woman you are matters to me.

Your fully present place in this lifetime matters to me. And I dearly want it to matter to you.


It’s time to reconnect.

When we allow ourselves to be pulled in many directions, away from what is true for us, we disconnect from our emotions, feelings, and our internal guidance system. Disconnected from ourselves, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, uncertain, stressed and out of balance. And it’s from this place that we react, rather than respond to life. It’s the place that leaves us asking from an exhausted state; ‘is this all there is and how do I change this?’ 

I’ve been there. I’ve asked those questions.

Many years ago, I embarked on a journey back to myself. Back to wholeness, back to the person I love being. And now, if you are in a place of searching and yearning, I want to help you take that journey too.

Too busy? Too distracted? Too depleted to make time for yourself?

Feeling depleted is easy. The pathway to exhaustion is paved with the daily, busy commitments of our modern lives without leaving any room for listening to what we deeply need. But the sound of our soul calls for our attention. And if we’re not paying attention, the call gets louder and sounds like niggling doubt, chronic illness and unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

There is only one relationship guaranteed to last the duration of your lifetime.  The one you have with yourself.  So isn’t it time that you nurtured it?

Join me on a journey to discovering your deepest needs and desires and cultivating a rich relationship with yourself.  A journey to experiencing the most of who you are, a journey to self love. 


The Love Space ~ monthly musings about the journey into self love ~ the joys, challenges and everything in between! Grab your favourite cup of tea, snuggle in and enjoy a good read...

Words are important and the words we use impact each other.

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